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Not to be a bitch or anything, but it's getting to be a bit much. DO NOT COME OVER HERE LOOKING FOR 30 SECONDS TO MARS FAN FICTION. IT ISN'T HERE AND I WILL TELL YOU NO.

Friending policy is open (like a revolving door). If you want to friend me, go for it. I may or may not add you back, depending on our interests and such. To be considered, you should comment and tell me something about yourself (I know it's difficult, but it doesn't have to be a lot) and why you want to read this journal.

I don't post fan fiction here anymore, but you can still find links to all of my Harry Potter, X-Men, and 30 Seconds to Mars fan fiction below. Also, the one and only Dark Tower fic I ever wrote. I post mostly about my life on here when I get the urge to and yeah, I'm pretty nuts and things are always complicated, but that's everybody, right? So whether or not that's interesting is something that's pretty much up in the air.

Below is a list of all the fan fiction posted here when fan fiction was still posted here.

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Fic(let): Stephen Hawking is an Idiot (Sherlock, Sherlock/John, PG)

I think I had a few people on my flist over here who watch this show/ read this fandom, so I'm gonna x-post this here.

Title: Stephen Hawking is an Idiot
Fandom: Sherlock
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Rated: PG
Warnings: None
Word Count: 900
Notes: I wrote this for a prompt over at comment_fic and it just sort of (a little bit) got away from me so I'm just posting it. The prompt was the movie title Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel.

Read more.

Russian translation of A Snow-Red Love Song

fagocytus asked me a while back if she could do this and I said yes, as that tends to be my policy on such things. Usually whoever asks me about it never contacts me again and I don't get links or anything, which is something I ask for, but eh.

Anyway, I don't speak or read Russian and in fact this looks kind of like an alien language to me, but I can't even imagine the amount of hard work that went into doing this. If you speak or read it, maybe go have a look.

Translated fic links are here:

So now she wants to translate Cactus Angels. Dude, that fic is like at least twice as long, but I've given her the go-ahead anyway. That's a LOT of work, though, wow.


Um, look, I know I'm not around on this journal that much anymore, so this might even be a little redundant at this point, but I think something happened--I'm even willing to admit it might be my own mistake--and a few people I actually know (as well as you can know someone you've never met) got removed from my f-list. I'm adding you back as I figure that out, so don't be all "Wtf is going on here?" if I have removed you and now I'm adding you back.

Look, LJ is confusing sometimes, okay? Sheesh.
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I wish I knew how to quit you...

I know I swore I was finished with it, and hell maybe I am, but I've been thinking off and on the last few months about writing in HP fandom again. At least maybe to finish the two WIPs I left hanging if nothing else. I don't know, though.

Has there been anything really great written in the last two years that I absolutely must read? Rec me something?
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A favor please?

Hey guys.

So there's this blog I watch sometimes because I think the person writing it is sometimes really brilliant--mostly as a writer--and apparently she/he has a chance to do something great with themselves if they win this pitiful little competition/awards thing for Best Blogger to Follow. Anyway, I've quoted their work at the start of fic before and written several stories inspired by it. And I know this probably doesn't mean jack shit to anyone--hell, it hardly matters that much to me--but I figure it probably matters to them and it takes like 2 seconds. So do me a big favor, please, and go over here: and vote for


Thank you.

And yanno, I guess you could actually read some of the blog too, but it's not necessary. Heh.
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Fic: Forgive This Darkness (Chapter One)

Title: Forgive This Darkness
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: John/Sam
Rated: PG-13
Warnings: Incestuous overtones, language, pedophilia (Sam is 16)
Word Count: 4,472 (this part)
Notes: This is a WIP. Sam/Dean stuff will creep in a bit later, also. And the rating on this is going up as it progresses. Way up.
Summary: When Sam was sixteen, he was bitten by a rattlesnake and everything changed. If John had to pick a moment where it happened, where everything that went wrong between them got its start; that would be it.


Fic: A Little Dream

Title: A Little Dream
Pairing: Jareth/Sarah
Rated: PG (maybe)
Notes: Written for a prompt in comment_fic. Not beta edited, sorry. Also, it's been a few years since I wrote in this fandom, so if I fucked it up, I apologize.
Summary: Sarah never really ever escaped the maze.


Fic: There Goes the World

Title: There Goes the World
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rated: NC-17
Word Count: 5,000
Warnings: Apocalypse fic, language, angst, incest
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters, just the words.
Notes: Beta edited by judas_denied. Story inspired by In the Middle by Theory of a Deadman, which I have been listening to on repeat a lot lately *ahem* Yes, I am pathetic. I'm okay with that.
Summary: Sam isn't invited to this new Paradise the angels are building, and Dean isn't going without him.

The distant rumble of crumbling stone and the hum of two million angel voices vibrated in the floor and the walls, making the bed tremble and the glass of water on the nightstand shake. Somewhere out there, God was throwing sinners into the fiery pit to set the foundation of Paradise.